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Our story began in the Andean region of Colombia and traveled its way through the mountainous green lands of Brazil. What began as a small family-owned business, tactfully grew into the craftsmanship of quality one- of-a-kind dog chews.

In 2018, we, the next generation of family pioneers, felt motivated to begin a wholesome revolution for dogs everywhere (and their chews!) And so we took off, full force, prepared to develop and redefine the way we must care for our deserving canine family.

We began by carefully selecting premium quality ingredients, and combined them with our proprietary formulations and palatability test.

Under the leadership of industry veterans, and in collaboration with local ranches, veterinarians, food engineers, and certified manufacturing plants, TruRanch™ was born – and so was the recreation of long-lasting superior dog chews.


We were raised on principles of truth and seek to convey the very same principles through our products.

TruRanch™ are only sourced from grass-fed, free-range, cattle, raised on open pastures where they are free to roam in their natural habitats. They are only fed hormone-free, balanced diets, allowing us to proudly guarantee the highest quality and ethical ingredients.


Know what you treat and treat wisely.
Our veterinarians, food engineers, and manufacturing plant work hand in hand to assemble the ideal balance of high-protein, highly digestible, and long-lasting chews, without compromising the delectable beefy taste.

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